the warm electro punk from tokyo


We will end the long UK tour, was then composed and recorded the 1st album.

I asked a longtime friend Tojimax guitar.

For the evolution of the band.

He was a wonderful musician, and excellent engineers.

We have great label, "Neon Shuffle" and the contract.

1st album was released in 2008.All of the band's new approach.

Neon Shuffle has provided many great gig.

We are first going to a long tour of Japan.

Live in Folkstone UK

Live in koiwa tokyo

Live in Margate UK

Live in “Akiba” tokyo

3song demo (2002)

release from instant tunes records

the warm “Same”  CD, vinyl (2006)

release from FINE TUNING records

fantastic something (2008)

release from Neon Shuffle records

3song demo (2002)

release from instant tunes records

Live demo (2006)

release from instant tunes records

tour only 3song demo (2006)

release from instant tunes records

Various Artist “THIS IS POP” (2004)

the warm is 2 tracks

release from instant tunes records



wtw(Roland SH-09)

kasahara(YAMAHA DX-21)


htw(voice,Roland SH-101)

wtw(Roland Juno-106,60)



htw(voice,Roland SH-101)

waka(Roland Juno-60,YAMAHA CS-01,cho)


tojimax(g,cho,recording engineer)


htw(voice,Roland SH-101)

waka(Roland Juno-60,YAMAHA CS-01,cho)



htw(voice,Roland SH-101,TR-303,MacBook Pro)

Dear Member



the warm from tokyo japan. Since 2001.

htw is Affected by the synth punk and new wave.

Formed a band with drums and synthesizers.

3song demo was released in 2002.

The recording is 2song of “THIS IS POP” in


“THIS IS POP” is released from independent label

instant tunes records in 2004.

Was recorded and played in the Netherlands in 2005.

The recording is 5song of Duch limited edition single in Boeton Studio.

Valentijn Holländer Boeton studio is a great producer.

There are also a great friend.

The recording is 6song of 1st single in “Pony Clunk studio”.

CD vinyl single is released from FINE TUNING RECORDS in 2006.

300 limited edition vinyl single.The recording track “O.R.E.”

Pony and recordings were difficult.

But we release it works great.

Thanks, Pony and FINE TUNING.

And playing in the UK in 2006.

London, Leeds, Folkestone, was welcomed everywhere.

That year again, the UK.

Was playing music with a lot of cities.

Leeds is a wonderful city, people at the event, we loved the people.

Johnny's wonderful organizer. He was energetic to the town.

Folkestone venues and people welcomed us.

venues owner Chris is like a father.This is my second home.

Our long-term stay, Tim clulow and Hanako clulow was very kind.

Tim Clulow is a visual jockey.Hanako clulow is management.

I appreciate a lot of them.

We've spent quite a long time to concentrate on music.

Then, you select a music career stops.

But I still "the warm" would not stop.

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